About Us

A brief history lesson on how Pup Special came to be!           

Wow! What a journey we’ve been so far. It’s been a crazy couple of years but we would not change it for the world. Being able to put smiles on people’s faces is why we wake up every day, brush our teeth, get dressed and get into work. And we are so happy that we have been able to find and work with amazing people who share our vision and passion for making and delivery high quality, durable, long lasting but most importantly value for money toys, treats and accessories for everyone. And we are so proud and grateful that our customers who we prefer to call family, trust us to source, manufacture and create the best quality products to offer to them at amazing & unbeatable prices. There’s really no feeling like it which is we strive to be at the forefront of top-notch customer support and customer satisfaction. If we can’t deliver that, then we really do have trouble sleeping at night hahah 😊

Our beginnings like many others, are small yet humble where we started our Instagram page to spread puppy cuteness and love for pups showcasing the best puppy pages had to offer. We experienced rapid growth hitting 1000 followers in just under a month and it really sky rocketed from there. We loved how engaged and passionate our followers were… and would often get asked if we sold products for their Dog’s to enjoy and play with. We got started thinking and did a whole lot of research and with help with some friends… Pup Special was born.

Our Pets & Animals range did really well and we were often selling out every week. We managed very well to cope with the demand and meet the needs of our amazing customer who we speak to till this day. We also got lots of requests from Dog owners whether we sold any products for them like for Health & Beauty or Homeware and Toys. After hearing those requests several times, we got thinking, if we can provide dog products at an amazing price and make sure our customers are happy, we should be able to carry that over into other niches. So, we did and slowly we starting getting lots of happy reviews and customers thanking us for providing them with amazing products for their Pups & themselves as it made life much easier for them buy all their essentials under one roof. That’s how our slogan was born and we began growing to the amazing and family eccentric business, focused on customer services and value for money, that Pup Special is today.