Suction Grip Easy Cleaning Brush

  • £14.99
  • Save £20.00

Do you also find it annoying when your washing dishes and you can't reach the bottom of the glass?

Well that's a worry of the past as with the Brand New ''Suction Grip Easy Cleaning Brush' the troubles and annoyance are washed away like the dirt on the dishes.

It's never been this easy to wash dishes as the ''Suction Cleaning Brush'' literally rinses and wipes all the grime and dirt of the washes for you saving you previous time and that back ache we all walk away with. Effective and Efficient is what it was made to do. Multipurpose and built to last are some of its amazing features. 

Take the worry and stress of dish washing away and spend time on what really matters, making the most enjoyable and memorable moments with your family.


Feature: Dish Cleaner Brush
Specifications: 18 x 14 cm
Weight: 220g

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