Rolling Knee-board Protection Pad

  • £49.99
  • Save £46.00



Get your floor works done without the strenuous act of crawling! Protect the most essential part of your body! Your knees & legs don't need to be under a huge amount of stress and pain when carrying day to day tasks. That is why the ''Rolling Kneeboard Protection Pad'' is here to help.

Convenient – Designed for maximum comfort when kneeling! The silicone pads provide balance & flexibility to minimize pain when on your knees.

Provides Mobility – Save yourself from pain & numbness during floor works! Its 360-degree rotatable wheels allow you to cover grounds faster without pain.

Boosts Productivity – Also prevents the back pain that’s eating energy! The roller design spares you from the strenuous act of crawling from place to place.

Easy to Use – Replace your pads that are tangled with multiple straps! It has only one strap, allowing you to wear & remove it easily.

Wide Application – Ideal for all kinds of work that require kneeling like floor installation, construction, house painting, garden planting, etc…

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