Leaf-Shaped Detachable Soap Bar Dish

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Beauty & Convenience At Their Best!

Say hello to our Brand New 'Leaf-Shaped Detachable Soap Bar Dish' & Say goodbye to mushy and musty soap! The Leaf-Shaped Detachable Soap Bar Dish will keep the bathroom, kitchen sink, tub areas clean and tidy & reduce bacteria in your countertop. 

Dry & Neat: This soap dish keeps your luxury soap dry and prevents it from wasting away. Self-draining channels allow water to flow away on the only exit, which keeps sinking tidy and easy to clean.

Save space: soap rack does not take up too much space, you can place it in any position that meets your needs, such as a bathroom or kitchen.

Creative design: The bevel allows water to fall automatically and the drainage port will drain all the water, making soap bar dry and clean even between shower.

Sturdy & Durable: Can be used in the bathroom or kitchen, made of high-strength and durable materials, to ensure that this soap holder can be used for many years.

Versatile Holder: The soap dish can hold soap, sponges and many other small items. Great for all sizes of bar soap; perfect in the basin/ shower/ bathroom/ bathtub/ countertop/ kitchen etc.

Strong Suction: A strong suction cup is located at the bottom so you never have to worry about it sliding around!

The immaculate design allows water flow directly from the diversion port into the sink, keeping the soap dry and steady in place. Powerful suction & strong adhesion means no need to worry about soap falling in. The suitable size means it can be placed in any corner of the bathroom and cabinet and the high-grade material has a certain degree of softness, is more durable, resistant to falling & built to last a long time.

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