2 in 1 Massage Cushion & Yoga Mat

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2 in 1 Massage Cushion  + Massage Yoga Mat  is recommended by doctors, to eliminate pain and tension in a completely natural and non-toxic way. More than 5,000 ergonomic spikes activate your body acupuncture points. Just lie on your acupressure mat for 10-15 minutes a day to stimulate the release of endorphins and promote sleep.

2 in 1 Massage Cushion  + Massage Yoga Mat use your own weight to increase blood flow and allow you to enjoy a professional massage experience at home.

Use 2 in 1 Massage Cushion  + Massage Yoga Mat to blend in with your day when you work, meditate or practice yoga. Acupuncture mat help solve a range of physical problems such as stress and tension relief, neck stiffness, back pain, tension headaches and muscle aches.

After use, you will feel refreshed and energised. At the same time, through the blood circulation, lymphatic drainage can be improved, which helps to eliminate toxins in the body.

The pin cushion is used for body relaxation, meditation and yoga for thousands of years. The reason why the thorn pad/needle pad can relieve pain is that it can produce endorphins, which can be relieved by acupuncture.
Acupuncture compression pads have a total of 210 needles, each with 25 compression pads, a total of 5250 compression points. Needle pad size 68 * 42 * 1.5cm, acupuncture pillow size: 37 * 14 * 10cm .

We know that our customers are aware of their health and care about the products they use.

Our Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set feel good about your finger pads from the inside out. The acupuncture mat is made of 100% cotton and high-density filling. The lotus needle is a high-quality ABS, which is harmless to the body.

Use acupuncture mat for 10-15 minutes, the body's peptide hormone begins to flow throughout the body; 20-30 minutes, the body's fatigue and pain are significantly reduced; 30-40 minutes, the pain is relieved, the vitality is enhanced. The acupuncture mat can be used in the bedroom, the living room, the study room, and can also be used for work, and the gift storage bag is provided at the same time, which is convenient to carry.

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