Pro Painless Dog Nail Clippers USB Charging

  • £29.99
  • Save £15.00

The best that technology & convenience have to offer!

Do you wish you could cut your Dog's Nail on the go and didn't have to worry about batteries or it breaking midway through finally getting your Dog to sit still? Yep, we did to. Which is why the ''USB Charging Dog Nail Clippers" of a life saver when it comes to ease of use and convenience.


The lightweight design and long battery life make the USB Charging Nail Clipper the best tool to use to keep your dog's nails beautiful and at their best.



Watch how your dog will come running back to have their nails cut. No dog should have to go through pain when cutting their nails. That's why the USB Charging Nail Dog Nail Clipper is the perfect solution.

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