Vintage Multi Style Dog Necklace

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The ''Vintage Multi Style Dog Necklace'' exudes elegance and is the perfect gift to a friend, loved one or even yourself or your furry friend to showcase your love for dogs. The Vintage Multi Style Dog Necklace comes in 11 designs to match a range of dog breeds. From a German Shepherd to Golden Retriever, you'll be sure to find the necklace style that best suits your personality or furry friend. The vintage, steel finish will surely stand out in a crowd and be the centre of attention at a classy dinner or a lunch out with friends. The stainless-steel finish ensures the necklace stays at its peak quality to be the perfect souvenir to past down, generation to generation. 

Item Type: Multi-design Necklace
Style: Cute/Romantic/Personalised
Chain length: 45cm / 50 cm
Chain Material: Stainless Steel

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